Truk Lagoon Liveaboard!

Truk Master Liveaboard 2021

Truk Master (Blue O Two)

19th February - 4th March 2021

  • 9 nights aboard Truk Master
  • 3-4 dives a day
  • Night dive
  • Upgrade to 15ltr cylinder included
  • Nitrox to 32% included
  • Extra cylinder for sides or twins included
  • 1x stage cylinder included (excludes rigging)
  • 2x 2/3ltr rebreather cylinders included
  • Flights and transfers included
  • Overnight stays in Guam each way included
  • All inclusive (soft)
  • Discounted courses
ESTA VISA must be arranged before the trip for the overnights in Guam on travelling to and from. This is usually circa $14.

A once in a lifetime holiday to the most unbelievable wrecks!! This holiday has been designed to give us the most out of it. The time of year allows the boat to anchor and sit directly above the wrecks, removing any need for long swims!! Life aboard Truk Master is true luxury and Micronesia is stunning so the memories, stories and pictures taken away from this holiday will sure to be treasured with a milestone achievement diving in one of the most envied holidays in modern day diving!! 


Email for more info on how to book!! Let’s get out there and get diving!!