Schools & Clubs

School Specific needs Xambor Watersports can help with:

  •  Developing your school to become a recognised training centre 
  • Running courses at school
  • Training staff/volunteers
  • Setting up clubs 
  • Including and running watersports in the Curriculum 

Like ducks to water

Several schools embrace the benefits of water-based sports, which can extend options for those who find it hard to shine in conventional field or ball activities. Watersports are embedded into the curriculum via an Adventure Programme that offers pupils canoeing and sailing amongst other activities.

Watersports also allows many pupils to represent their school in competitions, and some even qualify for prestigious National, European and even Worldwide regattas or events.

Bespoke Educational Trips

Every school trip we operate is designed to match your curriculum and meet your learning objectives – once we have taken the time to understand your requirements we will work together to build a study trip that best suits your group's objectives and budget.

Help in Planning a Successful (and Educational) Trip?

The world is your classroom. Learning can, and should happen everywhere. School trips have been a part of education for years and valuable learning experiences outside the classroom are so advantageous. Don't  be put off by the amount of work, planning, execution, and follow ups, let alone convincing your Head Teacher or Governors. Xambor Watersports can help you through these challenges to get the best possible experience for you and your students.

Awareness Training

An introduction for best preferred practice in leading residential, expeditionary and adventure trips. The training will cover registering and planning the trip, dynamic risk assessment, preparing for worst case scenarios, incident scene management and communication.